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Visa Type

As applicable.

6 Working Days


  • Passport (Valid at least 6 months on submission)
  • 1 application form
  • 2 passport photos
  • Original bank statement - Last 3 bank statements showing a minimum credit balance of £850.00 plus a copy of each.
  • Copy of information page of passport
  • Business Requirements:
  • Host must organise approval through the Qatari Ministry of Interior.


  1. The applicant’s particulars (copy of the passport showing photo and validity details) are sent to the sponsor.
  2. The sponsor makes the application to the Ministry of Interior. When the entry permit is approved it is then forwarded to immigration at the airport of visitor’s arrival.
  3. The sponsor confirms to the visitor that the visa has been arranged (usually by sending a fax copy), and that he/she will be met at the airport on arrival.

Visa documents

Birch Visas fee

(excl. VAT)

Public & Travel Agents
£40.00 + VAT
£60.00 + VAT
Delivery (If required)
£12.50 plus VAT Special Delivery

Consular fee

(excl. VAT)

Single Entry