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Birch Visas offers assistance with ESTA applications by submitting applicants' details on-line. This could be particularly helpful for those without their own access to a computer, or others not confident with computer use. You just need to complete the Birch Visas ESTA Questionnaire, either by hand or on a computer and post/ email them to us. These forms are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Once an ESTA has been issued it is valid for 2 years or until your passport expires ( whichever is sooner) . We will contact you by e-mail or post once your application has been completed.

Please provide a copy of the personal information page ( the page with your picture and details) from your passport.

Please provide us with your payment details at the time of application. These are required to begin your application.

When travelling on an ESTA you must hold return / onward tickets on a scheduled flight with major airlines or a cruise company that is registered for ESTA's. You must not be staying for more than 90 days or have previous violations of USA Immigration Law.

You should hold a British Citizen Passport with a digitally applied photograph if issued after 26th October 2005.

You should hold a British Citizen Passport, which must be biometric with an integrated chip if issued on or after 26th October 2006. Other EU Passport Holders or holders of UK Passports issued outside the UK should phone our office to check their eligibility.

Your application will be actioned the same working day received in our office.

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