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Visa Type
Tourist and Business.

As applicable.

24 hours


  • 1 completed application form.  
  • 1 passport-size photo in colour.  
  • Valid passport.  
  • If on business, letter from company on headed paper explaining nature of business; stating length of stay and date of intended arrival in Congo; giving contact details of representative of host company; and undertaking full financial responsibility for applicant including repatriation expenses in case of emergency. Also, letter of invite from Congolese company required.

Visa documents

Birch Visas fee

(excl. VAT)

Public & Travel Agents
Delivery (If required)
£12.50 plus VAT Special Delivery

Consular fee

(excl. VAT)

1 Month (30 Days) Visa £120.00
2 Month (60 Days) Visa £150.00
3 Month (90 Days) Visa £180.00
6 Month (180 Days) Visa £300.00
1 Year (365 Days) Visa £550.00