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Visa Type
Tourist / Business / Transit.

Single-entry up to 3 months from date of issue.

Birch Visas Turnaround Typically 4 working days


  • Valid passport
  • Completed application form
  • 1 passport-sized photo
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Flight Confirmation
  • Copy of photo page of passport
  • For business visits, as above, plus UK Company letter and letter of invite from Kenya

Please Note - When applying for a Ugandan E-visa, you are automatically granted access to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda on the 1 E-visa. Please call the office for further information if required.

Visa documents

Birch Visas fee

(excl. VAT)

Public & Travel Agents
£60.00 + VAT
£60.00 + VAT
Delivery (If required)
£12.50 plus VAT Special Delivery

Consular fee

(excl. VAT)

Single Entry
Multiple Entry (1yr for UK Passports)