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Visa Type
Tourist, Business


  • Single - 3 months
  • Multiple - 6 months


  • Same day service
  • 2 working day service
  • 4 working day service


  • Passport with at least three blank visa pages, valid for 6 months beyond exit date.
  • Two passport sized colour photos on a white background taken within the last 6 months
  • Details of travel arrangements
  • Copy of the flight confirmation.
  • Copy of the hotel confirmation.
  • One fully completed and signed application form.


  • As above, with the addition of a Business Introduction Letter from the applicant's UK Company. This letter should be on company letterhead paper, include the name of the applicant, specify the purpose of their journey, include the name of the company/organisation to be visited, specify the required number of entries and length of visa required and include an acceptance by the company of financial responsibility for the applicant whilst in Mozambique.

Visa documents

Birch Visas fee

(excl. VAT)

Public & Travel Agents
£85.00 + VAT
£85.00 + VAT
Delivery (If required)
£12.50 plus VAT Special Delivery

Consular fee

(excl. VAT)

Single Entry Tourist / Business
£60.00 (£50.00 2 days : £40.00 - 4 days)
Multiple Entry Business
£110.00 (£100.00 2 days : £70.00 - 4 days)